Serenity Tibetan Terries, Julie Coffey


Originally from the Midwest, I grew up on one acre, which to my parent’s delight was not enough land for a horse. Riding horses (English/Hunters) was my main hobby since the age of 13.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of WI-Madison and one month later began my journey in California.

Our first Tibetan Terrier, Jasmine, initially began her training in agility. At the age of 8, my son wanted to be Jasmine’s trainer in agility, but the instructor felt he was too young.  

When he was 9, (2010) he entered his first conformation class and has finished (show champion) 2 TT pups one being Regalia’s Sacred Fire of Serenity (Mavis).

We live in the country in Northern California and offer a variety of play areas for our TTs.  Pups in training are involved in area conformation classes weekly, they are socialized, accustomed to children and sometimes kitty stops by to check them out.


Tibetan Terrier
Club of America Member
Serenity Tibetan Terreries, Julie Coffey, Vacaville, CA 


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